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Chocolates NewTree lanza su nueva imagen Saborea la Vida (Savor Life)



Belgian chocolatier pioneers innovative flavor with health-promoting ingredients in new sustainable line of organic, fair trade and carbon neutral products.

NEWTREE, makers of gourmet Belgian chocolate products available throughout the United States and Europe, is once again reinventing the chocolate experience. By combining the robust taste of Latin American cacao with exquisite flavors, enhanced nutrition, and ingredients sourced organic and fair trade, NEWTREE delivers an opportunity for consumers to Savor Life™ with no compromise.

With a passion for finding wellness and balance in life, NEWTREE is always seeking out new ways to craft healthier versions of their delectable, nature-inspired products. «Our recipe innovations focus on enhancing nutritional value through added fiber and beneficial ingredients, alongside reduced fat, sugar and calories – all without compromising on taste,» said Benoit de Bruyn, founder and CEO of NEWTREE. «Transitioning our chocolate and other products to organic and fair trade has been a goal of ours for some time. We are very proud to introduce a fully sustainable line of products that are truly delicious, healthy and respect the planet.»

NEWTREE’s award-winning products include gourmet Belgian chocolate bars, spreads and soft waffle cookies that are developed with strict requirements on taste, quality and ethical sourcing. Crafted in the Belgian tradition with organic and fair trade cacao from the Dominican Republic and Peru, NEWTREE chocolate is a proprietary blend with intense cacao flavor, fruity notes and sustainable ingredients. Antioxidant-rich and made in the Belgian tradition, NEWTREE chocolate artfully combines exquisite flavors such as Lavender, Ginger or Chili Pepper with beneficial ingredients like grape extract or flax seeds for added nutritional value. NEWTREE also reduces the sugar content and features 2 to 5 times more fiber than regular chocolate in their recipes, all with no flavor compromise!

 As a carbon neutral company, NEWTREE partners with suppliers to reduce and fully offset the carbon footprint of its ingredients and productions. «Nature is our main source of inspiration and we feel a responsibility to make a positive impact, from ingredient selection and product development to sustainable operations throughout our entire supply chain,» adds de Bruyn. «We also actively support reforestation efforts in the Amazon with each NEWTREE purchase, which is an extremely important part of our mission at NEWTREE.»

 Delivering an industry-first innovation through the fusion of flavor, nutrition and sustainability, NEWTREE has created an invitation for consumers to engage all senses, enjoy a moment of harmony, and Savor Life™ with no compromise. Discover NEWTREE products in grocery and specialty markets nationwide and online at


NEWTREE crafts innovative, gourmet Belgian-inspired products that invite consumers to Savor Life™ with no compromise. Born out of the vision of founder Benoit de Bruyn who has always been inspired by nature’s innate ability to maintain harmony, NEWTREE surprises consumers with delectable experiences that are good for you and better for the planet.

NEWTREE products include fine Belgian chocolate bars, spreads and soft waffle cookies that are organic and fair trade certified. Each product combines exquisite flavors and beneficial ingredients for enhanced nutritional value. NEWTREE products are available in more than 5,000 grocery and specialty markets across Europe and the US, as well as online at

As a carbon neutral company, NEWTREE products are entirely offset, packaged with FSC certified paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. With corporate social responsibility a cornerstone of its mission, NEWTREE passionately supports reforestation efforts in the Sarayaku region of the Amazon Rainforest.

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